I have a serious Kit Kat problem

Kit Kat is a very familiar candy in America, but I was surprised to learn of its unique popularity in Japan.

I’m told that the words Kit Kat remind people of the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu” which is said among students taking exams and is supposed to mean “I’ll do my best to succeed.” As a result, they have become a convenient gift for graduating students, and usually feature a little space on the back of the package for writing an encouraging note to the receiver.

Apparently Nestle is also playing into the Japanese cultural tradition of giving little gifts – especially edible ones – anytime you travel somewhere or want to thank someone. They have created specialty flavors of Kit Kats that are only available during certain seasons or in particular areas of Japan, making them sort of a collectible item. (Try them all!!!).

I have fallen hook, line, and sinker for this ploy and cannot resist buying them wherever I see them.
Behold: my Kit Kat collection thus far:


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