Mt. Takao

I went on a hike up Mt. Takao a few weekends ago.  Mt. Takao is a popular hiking spot a few train stops away from where I live.  Like most places in Japan, there is a temple or a shrine there (in this case, temple).  It was a lovely hike – paved, but steep.  It was super hot and humid, but the path was shady, so it wasn’t unbearable.  Please enjoy some photos:


One response to “Mt. Takao

  1. Ah! I love Takao! I lived in Hachioji for years. It was very nice. No one(foreigners) thought it was a part of Tokyo, as many ignorant foreigners have this idea that Shinjuku is in west Tokyo, even though Shinjuku is VERY east.

    But Takao is a great area. And I think many foreigners do not make it out that way.

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