Apartment tour!

Note: I don’t have regular access to the internet, so I am back-dating some new posts according to when I actually wrote them, so head’s up!  You may see new things appear on old dates.

I thought everyone might enjoy a tour of my Japanese apartment, so here goes.Unfortunately I am not very good at using WordPress, so I keep losing all my clever little captions.  I don’t have time to fix it right now, or I will miss the last train home!  Please enjoy the visuals and I will add color commentary at a later date!

Click on the pics to see them bigger


4 responses to “Apartment tour!

  1. Hey, neat! I like your little place. It looks a lot like a room I stayed in when I spent my first summer in France (a dorm room, as it happens). I really like the feeling of openness they achieved by making an entire wall glass, and piercing the balcony walls (if I’m correctly interpreting your pictures). I hope the culinary issues sort themselves out as you get better acquainted with shops & markets. A pox on the mayonnaise, though.
    When you can, it would help to know what the pictures at the end are all about. I can speculate, but not sure.

  2. rachel,
    congrats for taking the big step/move into the unknown. reading your post about leaving LA made me tear a bit. such a brave move and it all sounds so right! ironically, i’m looking at your photos of your apartment and the street you live on and got totally homesick and nostalgic for japan. i miss the food! yes, i do! no salads, right? but you’ll get used to it (while i eat my trader joe’s salad). eat lots of seaweed and pickles. i apologize for our love of mayo. kewpie mayo is like food group isn’t it? i miss the summers in japan so much. monsoon like rains and playing with fireworks. eating soft serve ice cream in the humidity; riding the trains. oh, you’re making me want to move back!

    well, i’m going to check in on your blog. and you’re such a great writer! thanks for articulating so many feelings i have of comfort, losses, and home into words.

    • MICHI!!! I hate I didn’t get to talk with you about this whole plan before I left! I appreciate the insider advice! Maybe you can come visit while I am here? Baby Ben needs to explore his roots, no?
      What other foods do you recommend? I’m really liking the dept. store food basements…especially fruit and cream sandwiches (never any crusts. ever.), and onigiri. I am deathly afraid of getting one with a pickled plum in it, or nato. Yech.
      Thanks so much for reading my ramblings – I’m glad you could relate. Give me some more tips, yo!

      🙂 Rachel

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