What shall I do with all the time in the world?

In order to make the most of this giant block of free time (been out of “real work” since Oct and will continue to be off until May), I have set a few goals for myself – 3 in fact:

Goal#1:  write every day, be it on my novel, in my journal, or on this blog. The intended result being at least a completed draft of the story, and blog posts published at a pace of roughly one a week.  Although I’m not quite ready to commit to the WordPress post-a-week challenge…oh, THE PRESSURE!

Goal #2:  practice drawing each day.   I am trying to learn to draw using the methods put forth by the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” This book was introduced to me in a drawing course I took in 2005 as part of UCLA’s interior design program.   I did not last past that first quarter in the ID program, but I treasured that course for showing me that I actually could draw – something I’d wanted to be able to do since I was a little girl but which I had assumed was a skill I would never have.   Now, of course life intervened over the following 5 years, so I did not practice my new found talent, and now I’m pretty much starting back at square one.

Goal#3:  study Japanese every day.  I am most of the way through one of the 3 Japanese “alphabets” – the Hiragana.  (Alphabet is a poor term – there are 2 syllabaries, and a 3rd pictographic series comprised of thousands of characters in actuality).  I am also a few chapters in to the book “Japanese for Busy People” and I am really pleased with my progress so far.

A 4th, unofficial goal is to exercise at least 3-4 times per week.  I can’t make that one a daily.  I’m not going to lie to myself.

I think of all the times over the last 5 years when I said to myself “If only I had the time, I would definitely write/exercise/learn a language/draw/do SOMETHING creative.” so now is the time to keep that promise. So far so good. I haven’t exactly managed the dedication of every single day, but in one week, I have made noticeable progress on my Japanese, have made it to ch 4 in the drawing book, and have written at least 10 more pages of the story that I thought of over a year ago and just sat on until a month or 2 ago.

I’ve also gotten a little work for myself in LA, giving me the excuse I was looking for to go visit friends and pick up souvenirs to give as gifts in Japan.  My goals are likely to take a small hit, but I’m comfortable with that.  Exercise is already halfway out the window….I weighed myself and was dismayed to find out that I was not as svelte as I had imagined.  So, either I have lost no weight at all, or was far heavier than I thought when I started.  I’ll have to go to the mall and try on pants again to get my mojo back.


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