Sooooo….Korea didn’t happen

Had my second interview last week of July, did well – well enough that the interviewer told me they were going to move forward with my application and that I should plan on being in Korea on August 17th and expect to get an official offer from my recruiter in the next few days.

Then nothing happened.

I heard nothing from the recruiter all week.  Then a second week came and went, silently.  Then a third.  Soon August 17th was here, and I was still in LA, and still hadn’t heard a peep from Footprints Recruiting.  All the while, I was formulating a response to let them know my situation had changed and my father was not in great health, and that I’d be going home to spend some time with my family rather than accepting a job and heading over to Korea, and could my application be pushed to the Spring?  Never got the chance to deliver that speech.  Instead I fell into a weird, fluid sort of limbo that I have been in ever since.

I rushed around trying to complete my ESL course before Aug 1st (per the application rules), and trying to pack up my whole bedroom to get moved out by that same date, meanwhile, hunting for and interviewing people to take over my job at work.  All of this as if I were leaving on the 17th, so that I could be ready to if the offer came and I decided to take it, but not really knowing if I was getting an offer, or if I wanted to take it.

Ultimately, there were too many factors against it.  With so many things being up in the air for so long, I had really not gotten myself ready enough to be able to leave that soon.  I wasn’t out of my room yet, I hadn’t found a replacement at work, I needed more than just a week to visit my parents.  I didn’t want to miss my good friend’s wedding on the 21st.  There was just no way it was really going to happen. Instead, limbo dragged on and on.  Not quite out of my place but not quite in it.  No decisions made for the future.

So now, in the last week of August, I’m still 2 lessons from finishing the TEFL course, and still have a few odds and ends left at the house, but just finally cleared the last few tiny things from out of that room.  Last night was my first night spent away from home, and it feels really weird.  I’m in LA, but yet not in the house that I have lived in for the last 8 years.  I’m an interloper in someone else’s space.


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