Leap and the net will appear?

I am now 4 weeks from being out of a job, 3 weeks from having to be cleared out of my room (is anything packed?  Hell no!), and 6 or 7 weeks from either leaving the country….or not!  I have no idea.  I still have no job in Korea.  I’m waiting on EPIK to schedule me for a second interview with the SMOE (Seoul Ministry of Education).  I’ve heard nothing over the last 2 weeks.  My recruiter was going to nudge them for me last Friday.  I’ve still heard nothing.  So now I’m thinking, what if I DID try Japan instead.  What if I just sucked it up and took my ass over there, crashed with my friend in Kyoto for a few weeks, and try to find a job in person?  In my heart, I’d actually rather be in Japan, but I chickened out of pursuing it long ago because I kept reading online bout how hard it is to get a job there.  It’s so expensive, you have to have experience, blah, blah, blah.  Yet, people get jobs there all the time.  Maybe not everyone gets a job, but somebody has to.  I know at least one person, from my little home town in Ohio who showed up there with no teaching experience and found himself a job, why couldn’t that be me too?

I keep trying to plan out this whole adventure and all my efforts keep getting thwarted.  I’ve successfully figured out how to get rid of everything I have (home, money, gainful employment), but have yet to figure out how to get any of the things I want (a job in Asia! an idea for the next great American novel! a cell signal on AT&T!).  Maybe I’m just not flying by the seat of my pants enough! I like to think that when you clear clutter from your life, you create a void that pulls in lots of good new things.  So it stands to reason that if I get rid of nearly everything I have, there should be plenty of room for wonderful, lovely stuff to take its place.  Hopefully one of those things will be a way to support myself in a foreign country.  What’s the worst that could happen if I just show up in Japan?  I’ll be homeless and broke?  Hey, that’s already on the schedule for August!  No, I’ll just be homeless, broke, and unable to communicate with most people, and probably very lonely, in a foreign place where I’m a foot taller than everyone and can’t buy clothes off the rack.

But I’ll be in JAPAN!!!


One response to “Leap and the net will appear?

  1. I love that line about clutter (remove it and all kinds of good things will flow in). Thanks, I needed that.

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