Freaking out just a tad

Freaking out now about the job.  By this time in the process It was supposed to be all locked down. I was supposed to be kicked back, enjoying my last few weeks in LA, tying up loose ends.  I was supposed to be worrying about minor trifles like how to get a year’s worth of deodorant and mouthwash into my suitcase without it leaking all over my clothes on the way to Asia.  I was supposed to be concerned with training a new person at work, determining the square footage of my bedroom furniture for storage, and figuring out when to cancel my car insurance. Instead I’m flipping out!  I don’t know when or where I’ll be going. Not even IF I’ll be going, to be honest. Makes it hard to quit your job & move out of your apt. when so much is up in the air.  Still haven’t got my background check from New York and the jobs in Korea are filling fast.  I was looking online at other cities and other kinds of options, but the outlook isn’t great.  There are a few posts on Craigslist Tokyo, but I doubt that will be my ticket.  I probably would have to go to a city and look for jobs in person if I am to have any real shot at getting one, but I couldn’t even get a new job in the US over the last 4 years.  How the hell do I suppose I would get one in a foreign country with no visa and no knowledge of the local language whatsoever?  Do I sound like I’m freaking out?  Because I am…


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