More bad news

Got a call yesterday from the woman who was following up on my case status at the fingerprint processing company in Chicago – L1 Identity Solutions. She let me know that my prints were finally scanned in and sent electronically to the NY dept. of justice. That’s not the bad news.

Called NY DCJS this morning to get an ETA from them now that they’ve received the prints. Was told they were too blurry, and had been rejected! After waiting over 3 weeks for them to even look at the prints! They have sent me another print card in the mail, and I basically have to start the whole process over! THAT is the bad news.

I just spent some time on the Footprints website checking out China. I also sent my contact there an email to see what other options she recommends, because at this rate the EPIK jobs are definitely going to be filled before I can submit my paperwork.


One response to “More bad news

  1. what a huge bummer. I am so sorry, but glad you’re seeing a window where the door has shut in your face. Keep looking. Fortunately there are a number of places you are willing to look at.

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