I’m a bit bummed this morning.

In my email was an update from my recruiter about the progress EPIK (English Program In Korea) is making on filling their teacher slots.  It said that my top 3 choices are filled up!  Incheon, Busan, and Jeju.  In reality, those were my ONLY choices.  Other than Seoul, they are the only cities I knew anything about.  Sigh.

I’m still stuck helplessly waiting for my 2nd criminal background check to come in from NY.  I called them yesterday morning and they still have not processed my fingerprints and they still do not know why they have not processed them or when they will process them.  The customer service rep filed an inquiry into it earlier in the week, but hadn’t heard back yet on Friday, and may not hear back for a few more days.  It’s so irritating.  I was ahead of the curve and had all my paperwork ready to go by the time of my interview, and then this one new piece comes up and throws off my entire plan.

In any case, all is not lost.  I have a strong feeling that although this may not work out the way I planned it to, it will still work out for the best.  No turning back!   There are still job openings in Seoul, it just requires a separate application to go there.  I may fill that one out now so I have a back up plan.  There are also some jobs that start at the end of September instead of end of August in Busan.  I guess I’ll also be researching the other places in S. Korea that still have jobs and re-configuring my top choices.  Perhaps I’ll also ask the recruiter what other options there are and open my mind to the possibility of going to China or Taiwan.  Maybe not Thailand, since they are on the verge of a coup or something.  Vietnam perhaps.


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