I’m slightly irked. I’m stuck waiting for a piece of paperwork from NY. It’s holding up my application, and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I learned during my interview that I needed a full 10 years to be covered in my criminal background check, so I would have to get one from NY state for the 2 years that I lived there before moving to CA. I’m having to do it all by mail, since I can’t really go to NY right now, and it is taking forever. I had to call them up to request an application and a fingerprint card, had to take the card to a place where they do professional fingerprinting (the UPS store, as it turns out), and had to mail that to a place in Chicago, oddly enough. I sent it all in 2 weeks ago, and when I called on Friday they still had not processed my card. It’s supposed to take 7 to 10 business days. I can’t throw more money at them to make it go faster, and they wouldn’t let me send a Fedex envelope or anything because the receiving and issuing offices are in different places. All I can do is wait, apparently, and hope all the jobs aren’t gone by the time I get it.

Meanwhile, time is flying by and 3 months is starting to feel really short. I gave notice to my roommate that I’ll probably be moving out. I am making progress on my online TEFL course, but should probably be tackling a few other tasks with a little more urgency. There’s all these little things that need doing, like applying for verification of US tax residency so that I won’t have to pay Korean income tax, and checking with AT&T to see if/when I can use my cell phone there and how much it will cost.

A friend of a friend was staying at my house recently who is an avid traveler, and I spoke to him about my plans. He has been to Seoul a number of times and said that there is a bit of an unfriendliness towards foreigners. He reported being told he couldn’t enter restaurants, including the one at the hotel he was staying in. It strikes me as a bit odd. Who says no to tourist dollars? I’m wondering if he was drunk and rowdy or something, because I haven’t seen any indication of people being barred from restaurants on the ESL message boards. I’m going to look into it further on the internet, but for now I’m choosing to ignore it and just move forward with my plans. It’s all part of the adventure.


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