Well, I’ve passed the interview…

Things have suddenly lurched forward in my progress on getting to Korea.

After spending all of March taking my sweet time to collect documents for my visa and application, several days of working on the application, and then hearing nothing for over a week after turning in the application, just this week I got an interview time assigned, did the interview, and got a tentative offer for a position all within 24 hours.  Now it’s go time, and I have to get all my authenticated documents together (copy of my degree – notarized, verified by the county clerk and apostilled; 2 reference letters; a criminal background check – apostilled) and send them in via courier with my application and a few other documents in order to seal the deal.  Only hitch – I’ve just learned from the interview that I need a criminal background check that covers the last 10 years, meaning that since I’ve only lived in CA for 8 years, I need to also get one from NY, where I lived previously.  I’m hoping it will be quick and simple, as dealing with government agencies often isn’t.  But, my only other choice was to get a federal level check, which takes 13 weeks!  If I take that long to get my stuff in, all the cities I requested for my placement will be filled up and they’ll post me out in the boonies somewhere.

Lately I’m feeling pretty excited about the decision to go overseas.  It used to be half the time apprehension, half the time excitement, but now it’s 90% of the time excitement.  I have a feeling of peace lately that makes me feel like I’m making the right choice.  I believe that idea that the universe conspires to help you when you are following the right path, and so far my current experience is proving that point.  Things have been going pretty smoothly and the future seems to hold possibility and wonder instead of worry and stress.

I like telling people I am applying to teach in Korea. I feel proud, like I’m staying true to my ideals, and like I’m doing one of those things that people always wish they could do, but never follow through with.  It makes me feel like I actually have something interesting to say; a good answer for once to the question “what’s new?”  I always phrase it exactly that way:  “I’m applying to teach overseas.” Makes it feel less like I’m setting myself up to be a liar if I don’t go through with it, the way I’ve done with so many other bright ideas & lofty goals.  I think I’m really going to see this one through, though.  What’s ahead of me is so much more appealing than what I’m leaving behind, and there aren’t really any clear alternate paths.  I’m in this all or nothing frame of mind, where it’s either change everything, or stay stuck in all the things that haven’t been working.  And when I get tired of being abroad, I will most likely come back and settle in this city that I love so much – Los Angeles – and I can start again with a fresh hand.


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