Not yet packed

I’ve got a big trip coming up in one week, and right now is the calm before the storm. I was going to start packing two weeks ago, but that seemed a little too intense. Now I’m creeping up on 7 days out, and it looks like I probably won’t start until day 7. Meanwhile, 2 suitcases and assorted random travel crap are laying around on my floor waiting for me to do something with them. There is no place for them, though, so they will stay there until it’s packin time.

Otherwise, I seem to have prepared well so far. I went out and got outlet adapters, and an inflatable airplane pillow, and I got all my shots and pills. I got mosquito repellent (35% Deet). I made copies of my passport and credit cards. I briefly freaked out over whether I have the appropriate number of blank pages available, but that’s been the only anxiety attack thus far. I’m so excited about this trip. To drop everything for one month and just forget about life as I know it is just so awesome.

I sort of wonder about what will be going on here while I am gone. We have an extended-stay house guest at the moment. He has been living on a mattress in the living room for 6 of the last 8 weeks. No car, no job, but a full wardrobe of clothes that comes from God knows where, because I only ever see him with a backpack and a laptop. He’s very quiet, so a pretty good house guest overall. But, I fear he will migrate into my room once it is learned that I’m out of the country for a month. And no one will tell me. My pillows will just smell different when I get back.


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